Job costing services for real estate allow professionals to see the cost of each project or job. This data can be invaluable in shaping business strategy and pursuing new opportunities. For developers, knowing how much each building project costs can help them shape future sites. For property managers, job costing helps evaluate the costs of repairs or attracting a new tenant.

You don’t have to hire an in-house real estate job costing accountant to get this crucial financial information. Pasaban Accounting Solutions offers job costing accounting services for real estate professionals so that you can get the support you need without the headaches of hiring job costing consultants for your real estate company.

Job Costing Services for Real Estate

Pasaban Accounting Solutions is a completely cloud-based and virtual service provider catering only to real estate professionals. We understand real estate professionals, and we know you want to focus on properties, not on job costing or accounting. We can handle the details and get you job costing data and other financial data so that you can take care of your business without spending time calculating job costs.

What We Can Do for You financial calculations for real estate companies

Job costing in the real estate industry may be challenging since many factors can impact the costs of a project. Pasaban has the real estate and accounting expertise to provide you with accurate job cost data. We also offer supplementary services, including bookkeeping, virtual CFO services, accounting and additional services that will allow you to see your financial big picture before making any business decisions.

How We Can Help You

Pasaban Accounting Solutions has job costing services that can assist you in multiple ways:

  • We have solutions to fit your needs: Whether you just need job costing or you require ongoing CFO and accounting services, we can put together solutions that help you achieve your financial goals.
  • You’ll have access to data anytime and anyplace: Our cloud-based services will allow you to access your job costing details from any mobile device — any time that’s convenient for you.
  • We’ll give you freedom to focus on your success: Job costing can take weeks, but when you work with Pasaban, you won’t have to take the time to check and re-check numbers. We’ll get you the numbers you need to make strategic decisions at your company.
  • We can save you money: Our no-surprise accounting packages will help you control by project by allowing you to accurately predict your costs. Our job costing services will also help you evaluate costs and find any inefficiencies you can tackle in future projects.
  • We have the experience to help you: Pasaban has a team of accountants with real estate experience. Our focus is more powerful than a generalist accounting firm because we know and understand the hidden cost of real estate projects.

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