Pasaban Accounting Solutions offers cloud-based bookkeeping services for the real estate industry. If you’re a contractor, real estate developer, investor or any other professional in the industry, our flexible services are for you.

How Our Services Can Benefit You

Pasaban will help you:

  • Keep track of where your money is going and coming from: With a busy real estate business, you may have money coming from multiple sources. You may also have multiple vendors, contractors and other professionals working for you. We’ll keep track of where the money is coming in and going out so that you can see your financial big picture at all times.
  • Maintain accurate records for compliance: Real estate is one of the most regulated industries in our nation, and noncompliance can lead to fines, loss of brand trust and other serious issues. Since Pasaban works exclusively with real estate professionals, we understand the regulations. Our team stays up to date with financial and reporting requirements for this industry, ensuring that you won’t have to worry about penalties, fines or added fees.
  • Stay on track with tax deductions: We capture possible tax deductions so they don’t fall through the cracks. With so many tax deductions and special tax rules for the real estate industry, taking advantage of all the opportunities can be complex. Accurate bookkeeping from Pasaban will help you have the data in-hand to take advantage of all tax deductions, which can help you grow your records being updates
  • Secure financing: For most real estate professionals, financing is the backbone of business. Whether you require a loan to secure a lot or a commercial mortgage to renovate a property, you need accurate bookkeeping to show lenders your ability to repay a loan. Bookkeeping from Pasaban can help you generate accurate income statements so that you can secure the financing you need.
  • Catch financial mistakes early: Bank errors, invoicing mistakes and other issues can negatively impact your business. The longer these errors are allowed to continue, the more money may be being drained from your business, affecting your ability to capitalize on new real estate and investment opportunities. Pasaban can help you develop a system to catch mistakes quickly so that you can adjust course as needed.
  • Get a clear picture of your expenses: Pasaban will give you an accurate view of your money in real time so that you can budget and understand your cash flow. Whether the market is booming or you’re seeing contractions in housing, you’ll have the accurate information you need to take the correct next steps.
  • Track how your business is growing: Which months are slow and which ones are successful? Often, small changes month to month can indicate market changes that real estate professionals need to be aware of. Pasaban bookkeeping services will allow you to keep track of your financials regularly and always have access to your data, allowing you to spot market trends as well as business trends quickly.

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