Real estate professionals, including property managers, real estate developers, general contractors and construction companies, dedicate their lives to multiple arenas of knowledge. Experts in these fields learn about local bylaws, customer needs, markets and more.

Strategic financial planning for real estate gives professionals another tool for their arsenal. CFO strategic planning services are especially important in real estate because this field is so competitive and dynamic that both strong financial offense and defensive plans are needed.

Who Is Pasaban? Team of real estate financial planners

Pasaban Accounting Solutions is unique in providing laser-focused cloud-based accounting services specifically for the real estate industry. Our team includes CPAs and accounting professionals with in-depth knowledge of accounting and the real estate industry. We understand your specific needs and can save you time and help you control your accounting, cash flow and finances, putting you in a position to grow your real estate business.

How We Can Help You With Financial Planning?

Strong strategic CFO planning solutions for real estate professionals from Pasaban Accounting Solutions will help you with defensive and offensive planning.

We can assist with offensive accounting services to help you grow. We’ll be your virtual CFO, enabling you to plan for growth, expansion and more. You have a plan for where you want your career and business to be in five, 10 or 20 years, and our planning services can help you create a written roadmap to get you there.

Pasaban Accounting Solutions will also help you with defensive accounting planning. We understand that the real estate industry is often disproportionately affected by changes to interest rate and consumer confidence. Fortunately, our strategic planning solutions can help you create a plan for minimizing your risk no matter what the market does.

Benefits to You

Cash flow forecasting and other virtual CFO strategic planning services from Pasaban can help you:

  • Save time: With all your accounting services in one place, including financial planning, accounting, KPIs, special projects and more, there’s one less thing for you to manage. Since we’re virtual, we’ll also help you avoid lengthy in-person meetings and long drives to see your accounting professional.
  • Save time an money with real estate financial planning servicesHarness accounting expertise: Our team has decades of combined accounting and financial expertise, and we’re focused on real estate, so we speak your language. Forget about having to hire another team member or learn about accounting. We’ll handle it for you.
  • Leave less money on the table: Our financial planning will ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities. Instead, you’ll have a strategy for hitting targets.
  • Enjoy easy access to services and data, even in the field: Whether you’re at a site visit or traveling to a conference, Pasaban will be there. Our virtual team will always be as close as your phone or mobile device.
  • Implement risk management and security: As a real estate professional, you deal with sensitive client and financial information every day. Pasaban, as a virtual service, will keep all your data on secure servers with multiple layers of protection.

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