What Customers Are Saying


"What I like most about Pasaban Accounting Solutions is my sense of ease and peace of mind - I feel taken care of, and I can focus my energy on sponsorship and revenue generation knowing that the books are taken care of. Pasaban brings everything under one umbrella, so there is a strong sense of checks and balances.

Some of the specific benefits I’ve gotten from being a client of Pasaban include the ability to focus on other aspects of my job rather than the busywork it takes to handle QuickBooks and other bookkeeping tasks."

"Pasaban Accounting Solutions helped us properly set up the books so that our business decisions were based on financial facts right from the start. I strongly feel it is such a necessary and invaluable piece to our success. Plus, with their reasonable monthly package rates, we just built it into our monthly budget."

Josh R., Owner, TRI THE BEACH

As a small company, we have precise needs when it comes to accounting to meet our goals always. Therefore, when I say Pasaban Accounting Team has been such a reliable resource in make our goals possible and other ideas a reality, it's nothing from the truth. Example in this has their hard work and dedication in helping us to be able to get a clear view of our company’s health monthly. This in returns lets us know if our expectations and hopes from our team are reasonable or if we need to pull back. Not only has their knowledge been a hug factor in our success but Pasaban Accounting Team continual customer service has shown us their dedication in wanting us to be as successful as we can. Their availability to us has always been 24 hours a week with rates that our company can afford. We are completely happy knowing Pasaban Accounting Team is a part of our team. We would highly recommend you sitting down with Renee or Christian and letting them show you, your possibility by joining forces. It was a game changer for our company and has gotten us to a steady company moving to the next level of our industry. Thanks, Pasaban Accounting Team for all you do for us daily.

Emerge Law Group’s experience working with Pasaban Accounting has been absolutely great. The accounting team’s response time has been fantastic and the team is highly experienced and well versed in their trade. Their experience working with Client Trust Accounting, is exceptional and when they took over our Trust Accounting they provided great relieve to our staff. I have confidence that they are going to do a great job for my business.”

"Working with the team at Pasaban Accounting Solutions feels like we are working with an extension of our own company. Highly responsive and professional. We couldn’t live without them at this point!" They have streamlined our bookkeeping, AP and banking systems, which was key in allowing us to fully implement a paperless office. They are very smart about using technology to increase efficiency and the results our firm receives makes me happy on a daily basis! "

"Pasaban Accounting Solutions is essential for us right now! As a growing non-profit we appreciate their flexibility to scale and grow with us as we experience expansion and growth. By outsourcing our accounting we don’t have to bring on full time staff to our team. They have been great at introducing and leveraging new technology, impacting our processes with greater efficiency and accuracy."

Diane P., 4Word

“What was most powerful for me in working with the team at Pasaban Accounting Solution was education. I was a first-time business owner when we started working together, and Renee worked very closely with me teaching how the accounting tools worked and how the information resulting from the reports can be useful in making business decisions. I recommend the services of Pasaban Accounting Solutions for their strategic planning. They helped me strategically plan long term, looking down the road and explain which directions to take to grow the business.”