Accounts payable refers to the liabilities on a company’s balance sheet, from money owed to supplies. For real estate businesses, managing accounts payable can help prevent fees and fractured relationships.

Accounts payable does not have to be complex. Pasaban Accounting Solutions has accounting solutions to help you. Our business is cloud-based and focused on the real estate industry. We understand your business, and we have the perfect range of solutions to help you.

Accounts Payable Services Through the Cloud

There are many advantages to working with Pasaban Accounting Solutions and our cloud-based services, including:

  • Greater flexibility: You may travel or be on-site often, making traditional meetings with a financial adviser or accounting professional challenging. You need flexibility as your business changes rapidly and as you stay busy. Pasaban Accounting Solutions will make it easy by allowing you to access your services virtually and by offering cloud-based services designed to go wherever you go. Your accountant and accounting services will always be as close as your mobile device.
  • Real-time data: To make smart financial decisions, you need to be able to keep up with the markets. The real estate industry can change rapidly, and the most accurate and current data is essential. As professionals who understand the real estate industry and work only with real estate professionals, the team at Pasaban Accounting Solutions simply gets it. We understand your need for data, and we’ll work overtime to make sure you get it when you need it.

financial services for real estate businesses

  • Integrated services: Your financial services and needs don’t happen in a vacuum. You need a highly flexible and personalized service bundle for your business. In addition to accounts payable, you may need forecasting, accounting services, strategic planning, CFO services or a combination of options. Over time, your needs will change as your business grows. Fortunately, Pasaban offers a range of services and can combine services for you. We can also change the types of services you secure from us, which means we’ll respond to your business as your business evolves.
  • High-touch support: Your expertise is in real estate, not financials. You may have questions, concerns or requirements for more nuanced support then someone running many other types of small business. Pasaban Accounting Solutions understands and will be there with pertinent and helpful customer support when and where you need it.

What We Can Do for You

Pasaban Accounting Solutions can help you with accounts receivable and payable as well as with bookkeeping and related services. Best of all, our team understands that accounting services in the real estate industry are different. Your accounts payable are crucial to ensuring that you can capitalize on opportunities, and we’ll provide real-time data as well as comprehensive services so that you can pay your vendors on time to protect your ability to get needed financing for your next project.

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