Property management professionals handle many receipts and financial documents, so proper bookkeeping — or the recording and storing of financial transactions — is crucial. One challenge is that property managers are often too busy managing a property to take care of daily transactions.

Pasaban Accounting Solutions has a viable solution. With bookkeeping for rental properties, our services will help free up your time so that you can focus on your rental properties.

How We’ll Help You Solve Problems

Pasaban Accounting Solutions offers bookkeeping for property management, which can help you solve some of the most common problems you may be facing, such as:

  • Limited time: Property managers have limited time, and emergencies seem to crop up out of nowhere. You may not have the time to go over the books every day, especially on hectic days. Pasaban Accounting Solutions will help you take care of it, freeing you up for more pressing matters.
  • Multiple financial transactions: From the receipt for the new water heater to the tenants who are behind to training for the new security professional, property managers see many complex transactions. Classifying and organizing them all is challenging, which is why you might want to count on Pasaban for reliable and accurate bookkeeping.
  • Cost: Hiring a full-time bookkeeping professional is a time-consuming and expensive process — and you might not even need a full-time bookkeeper. What if you could get the benefit of a bookkeeping professional without the cost of an in-house employee? That’s exactly what Pasaban Accounting Solutions offers.
  • Risk management: Property mangers can take a course to handle basic bookkeeping on their own, but inaccurate bookkeeping can hurt at tax time or during an audit. It can leave money on the table and cause things to fall through the cracks. Missing an invoice or receipt can also mean many fruitless hours spent searching. With bookkeeping services for property management from Pasaban, you’ll get professional bookkeeping services you can count on.

bookkeeping services for real estate professionals

  • Flexibility: How can you keep up with bookkeeping services for rental properties when you travel, go out of town on training or even move between multiple properties? With Pasaban Accounting Solutions, cloud-based bookkeeping will mean your data is always on-hand. Need to look up a transaction or verify an amount? Not a problem. You can access your numbers when you need them, in real-time.
  • Your needs met: You can get standalone bookkeeping or even integrate other services, such as forecasting, cash flow management and additional solutions. You’ll be able to create the service package that meets your needs and helps you accomplish the most. With no-surprise pricing, you’ll know exactly how much to budget and can change your services when you need to.

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