CFO services for property developers and investors become important as a business grows and needs to become more strategic about financial planning. However, many investors need these services before they need a full-time chief financial officer. Even companies that have grown to require a full-time professional may be waiting to hire the right leader or may want to conserve money.

No matter why a full-time chief financial officer is not right for your developer or investment business at this time, Pasaban Accounting Solutions can help with CFO services for property development and investment professionals. Our cloud-based services will save you time and give you control over your financials while providing you with the solution you need.

Pasaban Accounting Solutions offers a range of cloud-based and virtual CFO services for real estate investors and developers, including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Controller services
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial planning and strategy
  • Processes management
  • Real-time key performance indicators
  • Cash flow forecasts

In addition to virtual CFO services, Pasaban offers bookkeeping, accounting, job costing and more. In fact, whether your business is new or growing very fast, we have a range of services you can customize to your specific needs.

What Can We Provide for You?

CFO services and financial calculations

Based in the cloud, our CFO services for real estate investors are designed for the real estate industry. With real-time data, you’ll be in a better position to move quickly when key decisions need to be made. We can also work with you to provide no-surprise pricing and the support you need to grow.

How You Can Benefit From Our Services

Pasaban Accounting Solutions will take care of your CFO services and handle your cash flow, bookkeeping and accounting so that you can look after your business. Since we understand real estate and focus exclusively on this market, we understand how valuable a commodity time is in this competitive industry.

We’ll help by providing cloud-based services that can save you time and money. Our services are designed to help you stay flexible and agile so that you can adjust to the markets. At the same time, they’ll allow you to connect with the information and services you need, even as you travel to development sites and even when work is too busy to allow you to come in to speak to a CFO face to face.

Working with Pasaban is like having a CFO on call. We’ll give you the freedom and time to concentrate on growing your real estate business instead of being focused only on numbers. Our CFO services will allow you to get strategic and serious about expanding your company — without the added expense and process of hiring a chief financial officer. When you need services beyond accounting and bookkeeping, turn to Pasaban for reliable, real-estate-specific services.

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